Gain new Advertising Dollars

A few words about Sponsor Revenues

Gaining New Advertising Sponsors
GreenDrop recycling station has a proven track record of attracting the growing number of potential sponsors that demand a “green” angle when they are spending their marketing dollars.

GreenDrop advertising sponsors are often in ADDITION to existing sponsors which increases total advertising income.

Each GreenDrop station includes 2 large integrated spaces for advertising on the front of the durable unit. An optional large advertising panel can be attached to each end of the station providing for 2 more advertising graphics.

GreenDrop’s rolling wheels enable easy deployment for the durable unit that weighs less than 100 pounds. GreenDrop’s wheels also allows for air circulation under the unit after the concourse is wet-mopped.

Innovative GreenDrop Design
Innovative Design!
GreenDrop’s charcoal color enables all advertising graphics to “pop.”

GreenDrop’s wheeled mobility increases advertising effectiveness by enabling rapid station redeployment in a multi-level facility or even between facilities.

Diversion – Less Landfill

Recycling Station

GreenDrop Recycling Stations reinforce the sponsor's environmental commitment to a growing eco-conscience consumer

GreenDrop Recycling