Reducing Operational Expenses

The GreenDrop Recycling Station’s Innovative Design Lowers your Expenses

The GreenDrop’s design helps reduce cost from increased guest participation in pre-sorting waste.

Reduce Operational Expenses with GreenDrop Recycling and Composting Stations
• Less waste is left in the seating bowl

• Compost and recyclable waste costs less

• Cleanup of GreenDrop is simple and quick



Gaining New Advertising Sponsors

GreenDrop Contains 2 Large Advertising Panels with 2 More Optional Panels Available.

New Advertisers with GreenDrop Recycling and Composting Stations
• Attracts new sponsors

• Advertising graphics “POP” on GreenDrops charcoal color

• Wheeled mobility allows redeployment within a facility


GreenDrop Recycling Stations reinforce the sponsor's environmental commitment to a growing eco-conscience consumer.

GreenDrop Recycling