reducing operations expenses with landfill diversion

A few words about Operational Expenses

Reducing Operational Expenses

Guests are more likely to pre-sort trash prior to discarding when GreenDrop stations are present on the concourse. This reduces waste hauling expense since recycled and compostable materials cost much less per ton than landfill-destined waste.

Guests are also more likely to carry debris back out of the seating area because they know discarding the items will be hassle-free at the GreenDrop station. This reduces post-event cleaning labor.

Using color-coded trash bags within the GreenDrop station ensures Event Operations personnel correctly sort and place full bags into the correct location for waste hauling after the event ends.

GreenDrop’s rolling wheels enable easy deployment for the durable unit that weighs less than 100 pounds. GreenDrop’s wheels also allows for air circulation under the unit after the concourse is wet-mopped.


GreenDrop at Royal Oaks Country Club Pool

Innovative Design!

GreenDrop station’s innovative design limits flat surfaces ensuring the GreenDrop station remains a recycling device rather than morph into a temporary dining table for guests. This reduces liquid spills on the station so cleaning can often be as simple as a damp rag. The stations can be power-washed, if needed.

The station’s dark material disguises event-time dirt build-up and most liquid spills.

Diverted materials often cost half as much to dispose of as garbage.

GreenDrop Recycling