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The GreenDrop Recycling Station The uniquely effective GreenDrop Recycling Station was designed through the efforts of the Portland Trail Blazer Head Office to reduce their environmental footprint while minimizing expenses and being fiscally responsible through sustainable operations. Extensive research, including a university study, took place in developing the GreenDrop Stations by observing public habits and interaction to various recycling configurations. The result was an ADA conforming, four compartment 88 gallon unit made of recycled plastic that allows guests to send food, drinks and compostable plates, cups and utensils to a composter instead of a landfill, while separating recyclable items as well. GreenDrop Recycling
GreenDrop Recycling Waste Diversion Station Configuration, Label Samples, Specifications, and Pricing Kit.


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The following information includes marketing, product, and research items. White Papers

GreenDrop Recycling Stations reduce Landfill Contributions through guests pre-sorting compostable and recyclable waste.

GreenDrop Recycling